Funday ft. DJ Politik

Well this blog situation hasn’t been updated in a minute. I’m gonna just assume that since I was at GoldBar last night, Sinatra would like me to discuss my experience like I am supposed to. I’ll make it snappy.

Last night’s guest DJ was Politik, and I have to confess I don’t actually remember if he killed it or not because I spent the whole time being like “isn’t that Reese from ‘Malcolm in the Middle’?” (This is not supposed to be offensive, I actually think Reese is pretty cute). But I didn’t hear any complaints and people were dancing so I’m gonna just assume he, uh, “murked it” (is that what the kids are saying these days?).

Sinatra was nice enough to pour Patron down my throat the second I walked in, but thanks to my handlers, Camden and Taylor to the rescue with unlimited water, I was able to actually remain coherent and stable the whole night…for a fucking change. Jesse played some remix of “Pon Di Floor” which always makes me lose it and dance forever because I am a wannabe hipster and I still think it’s last year. I left at 4, but the party was still very much going.

It’s great to see that though many other NYC clubs have tried their hand at a Sunday party, GoldBar is still the place to be and it pops off consistently. I can’t go out the way I did in 2008 when I was heartbroken about a dude and drinking nightly to cope, but even now that I’m old and tired, this is the one party I come out to. I suspect when I am a 50 year old wearing an age-inappropriate halter top that shows the scars from my c-section, I will still be out on Sundays with the beautiful crowd of GoldBar. I’m just trying to say this is a good party that I think will last, alright? You get it. You should come down and see for yourself.

And now I have to go pay rent and pretend I am an adult who didn’t drink like a teenager last night.


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