Funday ft. DJ Morse Code

I think I know I lack any kind of real skill as a writer because I find it hard to come up with new ways to say that DJ So-and-so “killed it” every week at GoldBar. This is why I’ve waited almost a week to write about when Nat Morse Code came to town and did the damn thing. I was searching for synonyms but alas, I have writer’s block.

I have nothing but good reviews for pretty much every time I’ve seen Nat DJ. I met him in 2008 on one of his trips to NYC and usually see him whenever he’s in town from LA, which seems like every other week. Like, motherfucker should probably just move here. He is technically skilled in the way that you can “learn” DJing and its fundamentals, but he also has the innate ability to know exactly what to play at exactly the right time to really make the room move. It’s uncanny how frequently he’ll drop a song and I’ll be like “OH DAMN!! I wanted to hear that!” He also has one of the most vast and eclectic music libraries I’ve been privy enough to drop it like its hot to. He did not play any Rihanna so he gets a big F in the “pleasing Suzu by playing Rihanna”-department.

But, true to form, I have no real examples of shit he played or things that went down because I saturated my liver with alcohol and have little to no memory of the night. I will tell you all a story, though. Last year, I went to Coachella so I spent a few days in LA beforehand. It was my friend’s birthday and he was celebrating at Crown Bar in West Hollywood. I roll up and Nat was DJing. I was convinced it was a sign from God (I blame everything on God. God wants me to get drunk tonight so he made it payday so I can buy alcohol. God wants me to get drunk tonight so he blessed me with friends who have similar alcohol dependency issues. God wants me to get drunk tonight so he made me prettier than every one else in the room so Persian men can buy me drinks.) that I get really wasted because, HELLO! Coincidence much?

Anyway, everything else I know secondhand because I blacked out with the quickness, but I’m told Nat, Joey, and I went to a restaurant, I looked for the bathroom and wound up in the kitchen and became violently irate when I was told that it was not, in fact, the bathroom after I began to pee on the grill (JUST KIDDING!), but I guess the staff dragged me into the bathroom where they left me to presumably die, and after being MIA for awhile, Nat went to look for me and had to carry me out of the bathroom where I was lying on the floor trying to “go towards the light”.

Anyway! The reason all of this is so fresh in my memory is because the kid WILL NOT let me live it down. It’s like you know, when you and your best friend from the baseball team are both regularly molested by your priest, it’s all you ever wanna talk about? It was like the world’s best bonding experience for the two of us. I got inappropriately shitfaced and he had to deal with me. Good times, good times.

But back to the purpose of the blog. I had fun and I will do my best to collect actual statistics and data regarding how many hands were waving in the air like they just didn’t care and to which song said hand-waving went along to.

I guess it’s just God’s way of saying I need to go to GoldBar tomorrow and try harder.


One Response to “Funday ft. DJ Morse Code”

  1. Stacia Fuller Says:

    FUCKING HYSTERICAL. Been there…..screaming at cabbies thinking they were friends….”You Fucking KNOW where I live”…..left on the pavment for cops only to ….crawl….into the backseat…and they actually took me home…good times! LOL

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