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I was searching around for music and came arcoss this band called The XX’s. Apparently they are kinda of a  big deal and make some really good music. I was automatically attracted to the sound coming out of my computer. So I decided to drop a new post and put those who are not in touch with them on. This group is up for best band of 2009 and I bet 2010 will be even better for them! 3 members 2 guys, 1 chick, keyboards, and a drum machine! Can’t really ask for anything better! Hope you like the video!




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Monday nights in New York City for the past 6 to 7 years has been on Lafayette Street at the world famous Butter. I am happy to say I have been a part of this for the past 2 years. Tonite we came together to celebrate the album release of our friend & very talented artist Robin Thicke. With the help of Richie Akiva, Scott Sartiano, and Andre Harrell tonite was epic and monumental. When you put together so many great and talented people in one building it’s the recipe for the most amazing memory! So tonite Butter had that recipe. What can I say? I am a very lucky guy. Before I get into name dropping because I will. I just want to say I was so excited. At the end of the day I’m a DJ but also a FAN. I love music. I love everything about it. So when your favorite artist come around you just feel like going extra in. Too play there records when they are actually there is sickest feeling by far! It kinda the only way I can show them my appreciation for all the hard work they put in. Back to the party, it started upstairs with DJ Jus Ske and I setting the mood. Strictly Classics! The stage was set for Robin to do his performance and in comes the elite. Jay-Z, Beyonce, John Legend, Usher, Nicki Minaj, LA Reid, Steven Hill, Eric Morrillo (my favorite house dj), The Wayans Brothers and The First Lady Michelle Obama. Yeah, I was shocked too. I know I’m leaving some people out because it was so packed! This is vampire time. I will find out later on but this is me and I was busy djing. I had to run to a packed room downstairs to spin so I missed the performance. But I’m sure Robin did his thing! After he was done everyone came down and we finished the night up strong. I wanna shout out a few of my friends that were at this dope event. DJ’s Chris Liggio, Mr. Mauricio, Vitale, Sal Morale. Also famo Steven, Tooma, Tim (MTV), Fu, Adam Lublin, Adam Alpert, O’neal McKnight, Isaiah, Bedice, Mark (and Lucali Girls), Rob Love, Ronnie Madra (Happy Bday), Ciro, Gezim, man there are people I’m forgetting so forgive me! To sum it up I had a blast and this party was UNBELIEVABLE! Thanks to everyone that supported! Go get Robin Thicke’s album Sex Therapy! You won’t be disappointed! GG$

Funday ft. Steve Aoki

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So Goldbar’s Funday party has been my jam for the hottest of minutes, but recently they’ve been giving partygoers a little something extra in the way of guest DJs.  In the past few weeks, Holy Ghost and Asher Roth have edged in on resident DJs Sinatra and Jesse Marco’s Sunday stomping grounds on Broome and Mulberry. The latest guest to hop on the wheels was Steve Aoki, just last night.

Sinatra “leaked” this guest DJ top secret information to me the night before to bribe my flu-addled ass to come out and after getting high on my own supply of Sudafed and Airborne I ventured out into the night.

After Holy Ghost and DJ Sinatra warmed up the crowd, Steve Aoki rolled in and did not disappoint. There’s a reason some DJs are household names, and he has reached that level. And I’m not just saying that because I bear a striking resemblence to his sister, Devon. Mixing a pinch of top 40, some hip hop, and no shortage of yummy electro, Steve kept the crowd dancing from the minute he jumped on. The DJ room was jam packed with friends and randos and it wasn’t long before Steve (and Jesse) were taking off layers of their clothing (their own, not eachother’s, no homo).

While Steve and his luscious hair dropped some certifiable bangers, I peered over his shoulder to get the titles of them to download later and play at Club MyApartment. Too many drinks later and I’ve obviously forgotten them, should have downloaded that Shazam for BlackBerry.

Kirill was in the cut taking pictures (which I will need up ASAP so I can better piece together my night), Jesse was eating Swedish Fish (?!), Sinatra was drinking straight vodka, and Jonny held down the door. Just another Sunday night.

Now, I wish I could give you guys a more thorough recap than “OMG IT WAZ SOOOO FUN LOLZ” but alas, after a bottle of vodka was placed in the silver bucket in the DJ room, it was good night Suzu.

That’s what Sinatra gets for asking a drunk to write for his blog.


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This is my shit! Get use to hearing me play this record. I think the video is cool and hope to hear more shit from Juelz! Dip_sET???


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Hooked on this shit today! Thought I would put cha on! @iamskylicious crazy u-turns on Collins, Washington, and every major 2-way street!!


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So this is my blog. I know I am dumb late but better late then never. This just seemed like the right time as I sit in my hotel room in Miami. Today I was blown away how a can of spray paint along with an artist can be used to do something so amazing and incredible! So much talent and freshness that I peeped. Met some really ill artist and todays experience was something I will always remember. Thank you Sky!!! The rain was drizzling and the lighting was perfect. I took some flicks on my blackberry. Thought I would be cool and share them! I also did a party for Pharrell Williams x Moncler @ Casa Tua (shout 2 Jus Ske). N.E.R.D. was in there Heavy! Chad Hugo, Rhea @rheasings , Jovar, Naomi Campbell and others held it down. Happy Birthday celebration for my boy Ferris !! Regular shit, you already know. Shout 2 Erok! After bounced over to LIV to meet Jessica, I must say I love that room! On saturday I spun @ The Mondrian, which is sexy as fuck. Party was so much fun! Partied with Tatanka, Roy, Los, Paolo, Flip, Manny, B, Nick, DJ Ross One, Roctakon, Ferris aka @fluxaryb and the rest of the MIA/NY fam! Then we ran up in Le Baron (which was the Florida Room) (shout to Josh Wagner) goodfellas style thru the kitchen! Paris crew was up in there (Naomi, Mia, Peter Pan, Francesco) and the rest is a blur! Back to this blog stuff, I hope Vampire Status is gonna be interesting! I don’t sleep and do alot of shit at night. Looking forward to putting you on to stuff you missed when your ass was sleeping! GG$hout 2 REVOKE, 2EASE, SEVER, AND THE REST OF THE ILLEST ARTIST down in MI-YAYO!